Garbaldi Court Use - For Members Only!

As the weather is getting nicer and outside play is happening we are happy to announce that we have been granted the use of courts at Garabaldi for GEPB Club play. 

This was not an easy task and required a great deal of work, conversations and paperwork to get some dedicated court time.
With this use comes a great deal of responsibility from us as members and the hope that this will mean that we will be given more court time while we wait for dedicated non-shared court spaces :)

Please note that we are following the City of Maple Ridges rules, this included us providing our insurance certificates, Covid protocols, sign up information, Player tracking etc before we were permitted to be given space and to use it.

These times are for Members Only, due to insurance purposes.

Play times are as follows:
During the weekdays - we are only permitted to use 5 of the 6 courts as the school needs access to the rest of the court space:
Tu/Th 8:00am-10:40am, 5 of 6 courts until the End of June

The non-school hour times are reserved for us: 1/2 of the courts as we know it gets busy and will give Members priority-
Mon - Thurs 5:30-9pm, 3 of 6 courts
Sat & Sun 8am-11am, 3 of 6 courts 

The city is supposed to be providing signage at the courts to avoid any conflicts, but did not give us a timeline for that, hopefully this will not be a problem for members. If you encounter issues please let us know so we can address it with the city.

Have a great spring season and watch for updates as we are provided information from Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows, We are in constant communication with both cities, please direct any questions through us as they have asked us to be the only contact person to ensure we are not overloading them with emails, calls and work :)

Thank You, See you on the Courts !!
Colleen Hannah
President GEPBC